High on stock & low on cash?

Take on additional space and be ready to sell in 7 days

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Now is the time to get ready for what comes next

With Sitoo it usually takes around 3 months to reach true omnichannel. But, before making the full transformation and commitment, we can help you scale up your retail capacity.

The various initial responses to Covid-19 talked about reducing costs and conserving cash as a matter of urgency. Even profitable businesses can fail due to lack of cash-flow which is why this key topic is currently at the top of the agenda for many management teams. The need to react quickly, yet with careful consideration, thought, and purpose, has never been more pressing than right now.

We know from talking to our existing customers, many plan to take on additional space to help not only convert stock into cash, but to support the re-setting of their stores with the right seasonal offering for when their consumers return to store.

Ready to sell in 7 days

From the time you provide us with product data we can have you ready to sell in multiple locations in 7 days or less.

With a collaborative effort and more time on our side...

We can enable unified in-store and online sales channels with real-time omni data across all touch points. With our open REST API, pre-built integrations and global compliance, you get fast and cost efficient integrations with your other retail systems like ERP, OMS eCommerce and CRM.