Unified Commerce & the New Normal

How retailers can survive & thrive post COVID-19

Retail has faced an onslaught of challenges which escalated towards the end of the decade and now COVID-19.

Being paralyzed by a lack of action and burying heads in the sand is one of the worst things to do in a crisis.

However, this has - understandably - been the reaction of many retailers. Make no mistake about it; now is the time for action. The retailers who survive this (and position them to thrive once the crisis is over) are those who are prepared to innovate, have an investment mindset, and commit to creating a consistent experience across all their channels for their customers.

Out of necessity, more customers have turned to e-commerce to meet their needs than ever before. It will only increase consumer expectations that e-commerce and bricks and mortar are connected once the world returns to a degree of normality.

This is why embracing unified commerce is something every retailer in the world should be doing right now.

Because those who do will be the ones who hit the ground running in a post-COVID-19 world. And future facing retailers have the power to ensure the recovery after COVID-19 is V-shaped with no W-shaped or L-shaped recession. If no one spends, everyone suffers. In order to restore confidence for businesses and consumers, people need to start spending again and retailers need to be the catalyst that sparks this.

Before we explain how unified commerce can help retailers survive and thrive, it’s important to understand the challenges outside of COVID-19 facing retailers. Download the ebook to learn more.


What will you learn?

The biggest challenges retailers are facing

  • Increase in multi-channel shopping and delivering unified CX
  • Inventory management issues
  • Master data issues

How Unified Commerce can help retailers survive and then thrive

  • Connect e-commerce with bricks & mortar and unify all sales channels with real-time omnidata
  • Clean out the clutter & improve inventory visibility
  • Give stores back their autonomy & empower store associates


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