What does the future of shopping look like?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bulevardi 21, Helsinki, Finland

What will you learn?

Retail is in a transitional phase, urged on by a change in consumer behavior. With e-commerce growing and physical stores closing, what does the future of shopping look like?

Over the past months Nosto, Sitoo and Videoly have delved deep into the topic alongside major corporations and retailer, as part of PwC's program "Future of Shopping". Taking a bird's eye view of retail spanning both the physical and digital space, we would like to share our takeaways and extend the conversation to include you, the retailers at the heart of the discussion.


* 16.00 Welcome
* 16.20 Summary of key takeaways
* 16.30 Panel debate, featuring retail experts, covering topics like:
** Customer experience
** Sustainability
** Digitalization
* 17.15 Networking and Happy Hour





Bulevardi 21, 21 Bulevardi, 00180 Helsinki


19 November, 16:00-18:00


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