How to future-proof your store operations and CX

With the hardware flexibility enabled by next-gen POS software

Exceed new and future expectations

In the words of pop icon Prince: “Dig, if you will, a picture…”

What kind of picture? Thankfully, not “you and I engaged in a kiss” as the popstar who went on to become a symbol sang. Instead, picture a traditional store and the POS hardware you’d find in it. You’ve more than likely got a PC, a payment terminal, a cash drawer, a card reader, a label printer, and a scanner. It’s a lot of hardware just to make a sale.

What happens when your store gets busier and you’ve got more customers to serve? You need more hardware. Another PC, payment terminal, cash drawer, card reader, label printer, and scanner. Not only is it expensive and time consuming to set up, it can take up a huge amount of space in your store.

It’s not fast to implement, not easy to scale, nor cost effective or flexible.

Take a step back, look at it objectively, and it’s easy to see this kind of set-up will limit you, hold you back, and stop you turning your vision of success into a reality.

It’s for these exact reasons you need the kind of hardware flexibility that’s enabled by the new generation of Point of Sale software.

With a flexible set-up there’s no limits on what you can do with your stores; it’s retail done your way on your terms. And when retail is like this, to carry on our musical theme, you’ll be singing: “that’s the way, a ha, a ha, I like it.” 


In this ebook we'll show you

  • How hardware flexibility can help you exceed new and future expectations from your customers and store associates.
  • What hardware flexibility looks like in action, how it can differ from store to store and how it can easily be changed in response to seasonal variations and needs.
  • The key success factors for hardware flexibility
  • The benefits of hardware flexibility and the impact it has on your CX, employee experience and operations.
  • How all of this will help revolutize your CX

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