How retailers can succeed in 2021

The journey towards Unified Commerce

The race is on…

There’s a race being run in retail right now. How well you do in this race is going to determine how successful you are both in the immediate future and beyond. It’s the race to create seamless cross-channel in-store and online experiences for your customers.

There’s been a number of false starts to the race. For a number of years the industry has paid lip service to digital transformation. But many have dragged their feet. Due to the events of 2020, this is no longer the case.

COVID-19 has been the catalyst behind a seismic shift in the retail landscape with retailers and consumers both changing their habits and behaviours. Huge swathes of consumers have turned to online shopping and, as a result, retailers across the globe rushing to accelerate their digital transformation.

This is why 86% of all software spending in retail is now focused on the concept of unified commerce.

Digital channels are booming, however, bricks and mortar stores will still play a significant role in ensuring long term success for forward thinking retailers.

So what are the secrets to this success? And what do you, as an ambitious retailer, need to be doing right now to ensure you can succeed in 2021 and beyond?


In this eBook we'll highlight what you, as retailer, need to adress during 2021

  • Achievebest-in-class CX
  • Make Unified Commerce a reality
  • Make flexible fulfillment work for you
  • The importance of turning your associates into brand champions

You’ll learn why unified commerce is vital, the best way to achieve it, and the impact it will have on your business.

This is Sitoo

The world's leading POS and Unified Commerce Platform for Global Retailers, trusted by a fast growing number brands and retail chains (right now 300+) in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. With the POS as a native app and a cloud-native platform behind it – they can use all the power, flexibility and cost efficiency enabled by cloud-native technology.


Unified Sales Channels in Real Time

All stores and online sales channels are unified with real-time product, inventory, order and customer data. Increasing sales with 30%.


Streamlined Inventory Management

Orders are routed in an efficient way with access to all inventory everywhere. Maximising availability and minimising excess inventory.


Empowered Store Associates

With Endless Aisle, Omnichannel fulfillment, enhanced product data and more, the Point of Sale becomes a mobile Point of Service.


Exceeded Customer Expectations

The same real-time information everywhere generates customer convenience across stock, purchase, payment, delivery and return.