Do you meet the new ways of shopping?

A fast growing number of brands do. By embracing new technology they amaze their customers with a seamless experience across all sales channels.

How they do it and how it works

They use Sitoo - the world's leading POS and Unified Commerce Platform for Global Retailers. Trusted by a fast growing number brands and retail chains (right now 300+) in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. With the POS as a native app and a cloud-native platform behind it – they can use all the power, flexibility and cost efficiency enabled by cloud-native technology.


Unified Sales Channels in Real Time

All stores and online sales channels are unified with real-time product, inventory, order and customer data. Increasing sales with 30%.


Streamlined Inventory Management

Orders are routed in an efficient way with access to all inventory everywhere. Maximising availability and minimising excess inventory.


Empowered Store Associates

With Endless Aisle, Omnichannel fulfillment, enhanced product data and more, the Point of Sale becomes a mobile Point of Service.


Exceeded Customer Expectations

The same real-time information everywhere generates customer convenience across stock, purchase, payment, delivery and return.


Super Easy to Integrate

With an API first approach including an easy-to-use REST API you get a platform built for flexible, robust and seamless integration.


Rocket-fuelled implementation

With one single code base, the POS as a native app, standard hardware, little to no training and store associates doing the installation.


50% Lower Running Costs

With dynamic scalability, reduced IT operations and consultant costs, no field service, no training and reduced hardware costs.


The Evolution is Included

With everyone using the exact same solution and continuous updates being included, you’ll always run with the latest technology.

Sounds good right?

It is. We’re passionate about retail and proud to be the POS used by the brands loved by millions. Together, we bring the future of retail to life.


Nudie unfies all sales channels in all 8 markets

“With Sitoo it becomes easy for us to open up new stores all over the world and to synchronize e-commerce with physical stores.”
Finn Stenberg, COO of Nudie Jeans



Sunspel moves closer to unified commerce

Everything is so much easier for our customers and creates a more rounded feel to the experience they have shopping with us.”
Melissa Jones, Head of Retail at Sunspel



Filippa K went live in 6 countries in only 3 months

“Working with a flexible and open system that operates internationally and is easy to integrate, was key for us choosing Sitoo.”
Markus Lindberg, CTO at Filippa K


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