Reflections about the future of retail from 11 of the UK’s largest retail companies

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“Loyalty has to be the main focus moving forward”

On March 18th 2021, Sitoo and Voyado arranged a virtual dining masterclass with Anthony Hill – a Michelin star chef – to discuss the future of retail. We invited 11 selected guests from brands like Deckers, JD Sports, Secret Sales and Space NK, who are all c-level within retail in the UK.

What happens when you put 11 c-level retailers in the same zoom call, all cooking dinner together and talking about their strategies? Well, there was a lot of laughing and a lot of passion! What it all came down to, was that they all agreed that loyalty – driven by an above and beyond experience – needs to be the main focus moving forward.

The 3 main topics of discussion

We identified the three main topics that the participants were really passionate about! And here they are – along with some important pieces of advice:

1. How to get customers to visit physical stores

2. Work with incentives to increase customer retention

3. You have to work strategically with loyalty