Retail Reboot

Why tech, data and smart solutions are the keys to retail success in a post-pandemic world.




Across the globe retail is bouncing back after the events of the pandemic. Leading the way are tech-savvy retailers who are using smart, innovative solutions to transform the way they operate and the experience they give to their customers.

Together - Sitoo, Embriq and GOC Retail - are giving global retailers the tools they need to connect the pieces in their retail puzzle, meeting the new ways of shopping and adapting to changing customer behaviour.

And now, these three powerhouses have joined forces for a special event to welcome everyone back after the turmoil caused by the pandemic. This in-person, free physical event, including breakfast, is the perfect chance to network with leading industry figures once again.

Date: October 13

Time: 08:00-10:30

Where: Dronning Eufemias Gate 8, Oslo

Price: Free - breakfast included!


During the event you’ll learn

  • Why it’s time to rethink customization when it comes to retail software and the benefits of modern customization
  • How to build the perfect retail puzzle and slot all the right pieces into place
  • How listening to data can help you make better decisions
  • Why investing in unified and omnichannel solutions is the most important thing you can be doing right now
  • How technology and data will make your business profitable now and long into the future



Jens Levin, Sitoo

Jens is the CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, the cloud-based POS platform for global retailers. He is passionate about the digital evolution and how it can help retailers around the world take the customer experience to a whole new level.


Svein Cato Winther, Embriq

Svein Cato is Retail Executive Advisor & Senior Business Development Manager at Embriq. He is passionate about good CX, operational efficiency and strengthening the employees in-store.


Mats Gunnarsson, GOC Retail

Mats is a Co-Founder of GOC Retail, delivering exceptional solutions to leading retailers. Mats's 20 years of global experience gives him unique insight into the forces at play in the retail ecosystem.