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Bringing the Future of Retail to Life

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How game-changing tech is bringing next gen stores to life

Customers expect more from their shopping experience. In their eyes, there’s no difference between digital channels, marketplaces and physical stores.

That’s why the world’s leading retail brands are using game-changing technology to bring next generation stores to life. Listen to the latest retail trends and insights from three industry experts, from November 12, 2021.

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  • How the lines between ‘online’ and ‘physical’ shopping are becoming increasingly blurred. In reality, all shopping is cross-channel.
  • Why you must change your mindset to retail software and IT architecture.
  • How to empower your store associates to always say ‘Yes’.



Jens Levin, Sitoo

Jens Levin, CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, is passionate about helping retailers around the world revolutionize their customer experience with state-of-the-art, world leading technology. Why does physical retail still matter, and why do retailers need to act now when it comes to investing in game changing tech?


Viveka Söderbäck, Klarna

Viveka Söderbäck, Klarna’s expert on consumer behaviour, shares insights about shoppers preferred choice of channels today and their expectations of what tomorrow will bring. This session focuses on the opportunities created by the rapidly increasing digitalisation of the retail space.


Mark Thomson, Zebra Technologies

Mark Thomson from Zebra Technologies investigates the global retail landscape to answer the question what’s real and what works when building a visionary retail strategy in a digital world. Mark explores technologies from RFID to robotics and smart carts to AI and looks to determine between hype and reality.