The Retail Puzzle

How to connect the pieces to create Unified Commerce

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A Future Store and Sitoo Webinar

The high street will never be the same. Covid-19 has been the catalyst behind a seismic shift in retail, with retailers and consumers changing their habits and behaviours.

Consumers have turned to online shopping and, as a result, 86% of all software spending by retailers has shifted focus to the concept of Unified Commerce. Across the globe, retailers are rushing to accelerate their digital transformation.

This paradigm shift has allowed retailers to seize the opportunity and possibility to transform and come out stronger on the other side of Covid-19. This webinar will cover how to navigate this transforming landscape and provide you with the tools to transform your retail experience.

View the webinar on-demand and discover:

  • What Tiger of Sweden has done to get ahead of the retail game.
  • What true unified commerce is and why achieving it is the number one priority for retailers right now.
  • What retailers, who are at the cutting edge of the shift in the industry, are doing to not only survive but thrive.
  • Why you need to rethink customisation regarding your IT architecture and discover the benefits of modern customisation.
  • How the retail puzzle fits together and how you can create the perfect experience for your customers and associates by connecting the right pieces.



Jens Levin, Sitoo

Jens is the CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, the cloud-based mPOS platform for global retailers. He is passionate about the digital evolution and how it can help retailers around the world take the customer experience to a whole new level.


Rod Kilgour, Tiger of Sweden

Rod is the Chief Information Officer at Tiger of Sweden. With an extensive experience working in between IT and the retail business, Rod is heading a skilled IT team delivering business value to the premium fashion brand.


Isabell Aakervik, Sitoo

Isabell is the Partner & Marketing Director at Sitoo. She has a broad, international experience from both retail and software, and with a deep understanding of how IT and digital solutions best can benefit companies.